The Head Office Unit

Don’t have a working restroom in your job site office trailer? This convenient trailer flush toilet is just what you need.

Its comfortable porcelain commode fits into most trailer restroom areas, while its high-capacity holding tank sits below the trailer and fresh water for its flushing system is provided by an exterior tank.

Even if there are no sewer or water connections available on your job site, you don’t have to do without facilities. All the Head Office Unit requires to operate is an electrical hookup.

Each Unit Accommodates

6 workers per 40-hour work week with monthly service

  • Fresh water flush toilet
  • Foot-operated flush pump
  • Fits discreetly into most trailer restroom areas
  • Fresh water tank refillable from trailer exterior
  • Requires electrical hookup only
  • Can be plumbed to drain or holding tank
  • Is designed according to your facility
  • Portable sink
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Hassle-free unit delivery and emplacement
  • Monthly waste removal
  • Monthly hospital-grade cleaning
  • Monthly supply replenishment
  • Without-a-trace unit removal