Little Loo Flush Unit

Just 23 inches wide, this little flush toilet will fit just about anywhere you need to go. Place it discreetly in a large closet, small room, basement, or trailer to provide a clean, basic restroom option at your event.

Its commode gives you the same height and comfort as a standard household toilet, but the whole system is small enough to fit through even narrow doorways.

The Little Loo can be used as a self-contained unit or connected to a high-capacity holding tank or drain.

Each Unit Accommodates

21 guests per 8-hour event with standard holding tank

  • Full-size flush toilet
  • Foot-operated flush pump
  • Compact, self-contained system fits any space
  • Recirculating flush system
  • Simple, easy-to-clean design
  • Can be plumbed to drain or holding tank
  • Height: 21.75” (55 cm)
  • Width: 23” (58 cm)
  • Depth: 24.5” (62 cm)
  • Weight: 33 lbs. (15 kg)
  • Holding tank volume: 15 gal. (57 L)
  • High-capacity holding tank
  • Portable sink
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Hassle-free unit delivery and emplacement (included)
  • Weekly waste removal (included)
  • Weekly hospital-grade cleaning (included)
  • Weekly supply replenishment (included)
  • Without-a-trace unit removal (included)
  • Enhanced event service (optional)
  • On-demand event service (optional)