Rent-A-Unit provides sparkling clean portable sanitation solutions throughout New York City and in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Our pristine units bring comfort and amenities to construction sites, special events, and long-term work and recreation locations.

We’re always ready to accommodate our customers with impeccable service, a wide array of unit styles, and unbeatable pricing.

Our Services

You can rest assured that repairs are only performed with your prior approval of the work

Construction Sites

Whether you’re managing a construction site, a renovation project, or road repairs, providing clean, easily accessible facilities is part of running a smooth operation. Our portable units and standard service package will cover everything you need to keep your workers comfortable and on the job.

Special Events

Part of making any event special is making using the facilities uneventful.

Whether you’re planning for a large crowd or a private gathering, we can help you seamlessly accommodate everyone’s personal needs.


Staying for a while? Our long-term units are available for as long as you need them, with full weekly service. Emplacing portable restrooms in a work or recreation area can be a cost-effective way to provide facilities without paying for the construction and maintenance of permanent structures.

Why Rent a Unit?

The last thing you’ll have to do about your portable sanitation needs is hire us. We take it from there. Our standard service covers all the bases, because the less you have to think about your portable facilities, the better. Among the items we include in our standard service package:

  • Fast, personal customer service
  • Efficient delivery and installation
  • Next-day delivery (with a possibility of same day)
  • GPS-tracked delivery service
  • Sparkling clean, like-new portable units
  • Weekly cleaning and [without-a-trace] waste removal service
  • Without-a-trace removal
  • Weekly supply replenishment
  • Winterization of portable units
  • No fuel surcharge for deliveries or removals

We offer a range of optional services to accommodate every situation.

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