The High Roller Unit

This unit is built for mobility with a galvanized metal frame and sturdy polyethylene body, making it easy to place in areas that would be inaccessible to typical portable restrooms.

This compact 33.5” width unit can be lifted to any floor by a crane for placement. Or loaded onto an elevator by using the sliding mechanism that allows the unit to be lowered far enough to fit through standard door openings,

Its sealed wheels let you roll it wherever you need it to go, while its narrow width allows it to fit through doorways and hallways.

Each Unit Accommodates

3-5 workers per 40-hour work week

  • Full-size toilet
  • Interior urinal
  • Roomy interior
  • Non-slip floor
  • Two-roll toilet paper holder
  • Fits on freight elevators and through doorways
  • Interior door lock
  • Exterior occupancy indicator
  • Open roof for light and ventilation
  • Optional retractable roof for privacy
  • Sealed, lockable casters
  • Built-in crane lift arm
  • Height: 87.8”
  • Width: 33.5”
  • Depth: 54.5”
  • Weight: 257 lbs. (117 kg) standard – 307 lbs. (139 kg) full-featured
  • Hand flush system
  • Portable sink
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Hassle-free unit delivery and emplacement
  • Weekly waste removal
  • Weekly hospital-grade cleaning
  • Weekly supply replenishment
  • Without-a-trace unit removal
  • Enhanced event service